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My brand is too international, I need some local flavour!

You are not the only one who see this the same way – what is a great campaign created by the HQ good for if it doesn't resonate with your local audience?

Generalidigital, integrated, pr

Inventing new formats within an international narrative is a great way to create local flavours that make a better connection to local customers.

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UPC films

You can read almost everyday about the negative impacts that the internet and social media have on our lives. But what about the joy, the connections, the new interesting stuff that it brings? That's what UPC is all about in the world - and even in smallest Hungarian villages.

A series of more than 30 commercials over a period of 5 years strenghtened UPC's market leading position as an internet/TV/phone provider.

LogMeIn prints, online

One of the very few occasions when a Hungarian start-up becomes an international IT giant and needs to put some international flavour to its local narrative.

GoTo digital

Then the start-up-became-IT-giant changes his name and narrative and needs to put some local flavour back to its now international position.

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